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Welcome to Timeless Metal, the place to be if you are interested in buying, selling or even learning about metal crafts. We offer a platform where buyers can get the kind of metal craft that they need, sellers can set a shop and showcase their wares and metal craft enthusiasts can learn more about metal craft. Timeless Metal is a one stop shop, where quality metal crafts can be sourced, ideas on blacksmith can be obtained and a forum where sellers and buyers can easily interact.

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Featured Shops

  • Handmade items always have the person’s mark on them,
    and when you hold them, you feel less alone.

    Matias Brown, Participant
  • Handmade is not just about creativity, it is about the
    person you’re becoming while you’re creating. Timeless Metal is a perfect place to promote your art/products.

    Dan Fredman, Participant
  • You can’t buy hapiness, but you can buy handmade
    and that is kind of the same thing. Timelessmetal is a perfect place to start your business.

    Kelly Meirt, Shop Owner

Featured Items

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Leaf Hook
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